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Marinating in Metaphysics

Marinating in metaphysics describes how I have felt after a summer and fall with overlapping classes in Unity Metaphysics. Don’t misunderstand; I enjoyed the classes. Yet reading, writing and attempting to integrate some of these concepts into my life are … Continue reading

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Eyes Open & Shut- In Meditation & Life

From the Zen tradition, I learned to meditate leaving my eyes cracked open a little. Most other practices seem to be done with closed eyes. The Zen approach makes sense when you understand meditation as a practice in being fully … Continue reading

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Meditation as Practice in Being Present

Meditation is a practice of a way of being fully present in the world. In our ordinary lives we get caught up in events, thoughts, emotions, and reactions to both internal and external stimuli. In meditation, the ‘doing’ is just … Continue reading

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Cheerios, Our Teacher

Resting in the present moment and staying with it, isn’t easy, particularly when one is in front of a computer! I get lost in the cyber pseudo worlds as easily as most people. That is where our dog Cheerios comes … Continue reading

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