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Spiritual Practice in Daily Life

For a spiritual practice to be substantial it must be more than reading ‘holy books’ or even praying, chanting or meditating. These may be necessary but unless we take the underlying values and perspectives that come from such teachings and … Continue reading

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Spiritual Path?

What is a ‘spiritual path?’ When people speak or write about it, are we really talking about the same thing? When Unity speaks of “One God, Many Paths…” does that include suicide (actually homicide) bombers as well as peace advocates? … Continue reading

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Silence & Noise

Lately my head has been filled with more noise than usual. In meditation the noise is more intrusive.  Awakening from sleep at 2AM, it rushes in –‘Did I pay that bill in time or just think I did?’ ‘Which hotel … Continue reading

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Cheerios, Our Teacher

Resting in the present moment and staying with it, isn’t easy, particularly when one is in front of a computer! I get lost in the cyber pseudo worlds as easily as most people. That is where our dog Cheerios comes … Continue reading

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