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Managing The Mind, Not Fighting It

“Managing the mind” is a phrase I use to express a couple of potentially powerful healing ideas. The first understanding is how we view the mind. In the West we tend to see our minds as ourselves. Yet if the … Continue reading

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Silence & Noise

Lately my head has been filled with more noise than usual. In meditation the noise is more intrusive.  Awakening from sleep at 2AM, it rushes in –‘Did I pay that bill in time or just think I did?’ ‘Which hotel … Continue reading

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Meditation as Practice in Being Present

Meditation is a practice of a way of being fully present in the world. In our ordinary lives we get caught up in events, thoughts, emotions, and reactions to both internal and external stimuli. In meditation, the ‘doing’ is just … Continue reading

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Frustration Can Become an Opportunity

OK. I get it. The idea that frustration can be an opportunity sounds counter-intuitive. Perhaps my first internal reaction was ‘This is one opportunity I can do without!’ Like most people I get frustrated; traffic jams, working my way through … Continue reading

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Resting in Mindfulness

I cannot remember which Buddhist teacher wrote about “resting in Mindfulness,” but it is a perspective I have  been working with lately. In meditation on the breath, there is the in-breath, the out-breath, and the pause as they switch. For … Continue reading

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Conscious Breathing

Breath in. Pause. Breath out. Pause. Breath in. Pause. Breath out. Pause. Following the breath rather than directing it, my tension lessens, my breath slows and deepens. I am more conscious of where I am, the seat beneath me, sounds … Continue reading

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