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The Gift of Annoyance

How can annoyances be gifts? After all, while they aren’t tragedies, they are, well, annoying! True. Annoyances are irritations, nuisances, inconveniences, hassles, or any minor frustration. My expectations–reasonable or not–are thwarted, my life in the moment is disrupted, not shattered. … Continue reading

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The Sun Always Shines 2020

About a month ago I was at the dentist for teeth cleaning. After a few minutes the sun light shining through a window shifted so it shown into my eyes. The hygienist gave me sunglasses. In another 5 minutes the … Continue reading

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ATTRACTION, REPULSION, OR NEUTRAL A meditation technique suggests that when thoughts or fantasies arise, rather than push them away or get lost in them, simply notice if they are “attractive, repulsive or neutral.” Initially this creates some space from them. As … Continue reading

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When I write, what I end up with is usually quite different from where I started. After starting a couple of different themes, I decided this blog entry would be on my understanding of faith. Initially I wasn’t thinking of … Continue reading

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“I am so blessed, I am so blessed, “I am so thankful, I am so blessed…” The refrain is from a song by Karen Drucker (“Songs of the Spirit Li” album) often sung at UnitySF before the meditation. For months, … Continue reading

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