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Hate and fear cannot be stopped by more hate and fear. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Jesus (that Jew from Nazareth) preached this message. We lose before we start when we forget it. Yet following this teaching is … Continue reading

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Let Your Light Shine.

I learned as a young child to muffle the light that would shine from me. I was never actually told, ‘don’t go there.’ It was more the opposite. Yet the very praise at how open, caring and expressive I was, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice in Daily Life

For a spiritual practice to be substantial it must be more than reading ‘holy books’ or even praying, chanting or meditating. These may be necessary but unless we take the underlying values and perspectives that come from such teachings and … Continue reading

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Namaste: From God to God

“Namaste” is a common word of greeting or parting in India and Asia. I first learned its meaning as the verbal form of bowing to another. In some cultures who bows first or last, and how deeply, is based on … Continue reading

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Reclaiming God

I gave up God many years ago. Like most people, I was brought up in a religion–Judaism in my case–that defined God through holy books. The holy books were read and defined according to traditions, and religious leaders. With rare … Continue reading

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In writing about meditation and mindfulness, my emphasis has been on experiencing things as they truly are. Meditation provides the space to become aware of the many ways our thoughts and feelings can distort our perceptions. Consciousness creates the opportunity … Continue reading

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Idolatry: Worshiping an image of God

(This was inspired by the comments from my last blog, on The Blind Men and the Elephant.) When I was practicing mediation at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in the 1970s, they decided to do a ritual. Incense was burned and … Continue reading

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Spirituality as Choice

Variations on a Native American story are making the internet rounds again, the latest for me paraphrased from a book by Pema Chodron, Taking the Leap (Shambhala Books, 2009). A boy asks his grandfather (after 9-11),”How can there be such … Continue reading

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Play Nice!

Did your mother ever admonish you to “play nice?”  As one of three brothers, we would inevitably end up fighting, so we heard it a lot. Given the current political and social climate, I sometimes wish there was someone with … Continue reading

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