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Your Super Powers

From a young age, I enjoyed reading science fiction and fantasy books. I loved the people (or creatures) in exotic locations, doing fantastic things. While having advanced technology was interesting, it was the special characters, sometimes with special talents, that … Continue reading

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Finding Gifts in Everyday Adversity

With the start of the year, I am focusing once again, on a practice I find difficult to maintain. The practice is reminding myself that things (and people) which anger, distract, upset, or confuse me can also be used as … Continue reading

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ATTRACTION, REPULSION, OR NEUTRAL A meditation technique suggests that when thoughts or fantasies arise, rather than push them away or get lost in them, simply notice if they are “attractive, repulsive or neutral.” Initially this creates some space from them. As … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

I took our dog Cheerios out early this Sunday morning for her usual walk. San Francisco is quiet that early on Sundays. The sky was a clear blue, the air crisp and fresh after a few days of needed rain, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice in Daily Life

For a spiritual practice to be substantial it must be more than reading ‘holy books’ or even praying, chanting or meditating. These may be necessary but unless we take the underlying values and perspectives that come from such teachings and … Continue reading

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Namaste: From God to God

“Namaste” is a common word of greeting or parting in India and Asia. I first learned its meaning as the verbal form of bowing to another. In some cultures who bows first or last, and how deeply, is based on … Continue reading

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Meandering Thoughts on Choices and Being Present

I was away for a busy week at the American Group Psychotherapy Conference in New Orleans. It was a busy week with not enough sleep, and early morning events. Yet each morning at least once during the 8 minute walk … Continue reading

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Silence & Noise

Lately my head has been filled with more noise than usual. In meditation the noise is more intrusive.  Awakening from sleep at 2AM, it rushes in –‘Did I pay that bill in time or just think I did?’ ‘Which hotel … Continue reading

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Frustration Can Become an Opportunity

OK. I get it. The idea that frustration can be an opportunity sounds counter-intuitive. Perhaps my first internal reaction was ‘This is one opportunity I can do without!’ Like most people I get frustrated; traffic jams, working my way through … Continue reading

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Spirituality as Choice

Variations on a Native American story are making the internet rounds again, the latest for me paraphrased from a book by Pema Chodron, Taking the Leap (Shambhala Books, 2009). A boy asks his grandfather (after 9-11),”How can there be such … Continue reading

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