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The Sun Always Shines 2020

About a month ago I was at the dentist for teeth cleaning. After a few minutes the sun light shining through a window shifted so it shown into my eyes. The hygienist gave me sunglasses. In another 5 minutes the … Continue reading

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The Sun Always Shines

I awoke Sunday morning, seeing a cloudy day dawning outside my bedroom window. Yet when I looked through our bathroom window a few minutes later, I was surprised by the beautiful golden glow of sunrise reflecting on nearby buildings. I … Continue reading

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Hate and fear cannot be stopped by more hate and fear. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Jesus (that Jew from Nazareth) preached this message. We lose before we start when we forget it. Yet following this teaching is … Continue reading

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Politics & Spirituality

Currently the USA is in election mode. Watching TV, getting e-mails, snail mail, tweets, etc., we are inundated with political advertising. I want to know what is happening in the world. I want to understand the positions of those running … Continue reading

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Enemy Deficit Disorder

Former US Senator Bill Bradley, speaking on Ron Owen’s radio show, tossed out the phrase “Enemy Deficit Disorder.” They were discussing the fear-based politics currently being used to hold onto virulently anti-Gay (or Gay marriage) stance in the Republican party. … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage

I must admit it feels strange listening to so-called leaders, religious and political, talk about the dangers of Gay marriage. Having been in a relationship with Allen for 28 years before we were legally able to marry—which we did in … Continue reading

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Play Nice!

Did your mother ever admonish you to “play nice?”  As one of three brothers, we would inevitably end up fighting, so we heard it a lot. Given the current political and social climate, I sometimes wish there was someone with … Continue reading

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