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Joy: Not only for the New Year

Two weeks ago I was out walking our dog Cheerios on a typical San Francisco winter day, clear and sunny, yet at the same time cold and windy. Off the leash in a park and eagerly chasing her ball, Cheerios … Continue reading

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Spiritual Practice in Daily Life

For a spiritual practice to be substantial it must be more than reading ‘holy books’ or even praying, chanting or meditating. These may be necessary but unless we take the underlying values and perspectives that come from such teachings and … Continue reading

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Time Off Through Time On

I am lost in writing when Cheerios puts her front paws and head in my lap. My initial irritation at the interruption is quickly followed by awareness of her need for attention, and then the pressure in my bladder I … Continue reading

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Cheerios, Our Teacher

Resting in the present moment and staying with it, isn’t easy, particularly when one is in front of a computer! I get lost in the cyber pseudo worlds as easily as most people. That is where our dog Cheerios comes … Continue reading

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