Cheerios, Our Teacher

Resting in the present moment and staying with it, isn’t easy, particularly when one is in front of a computer! I get lost in the cyber pseudo worlds as easily as most people. That is where our dog Cheerios comes to the rescue. She is our teacher in terms of being present and loving.

We were out walking late one afternoon, a little over a year ago, when we met her on the corner of Castro and 18th streets. Cheerios was 8 weeks old, with the Northern California Family Dog Rescue group seeking homes for their dogs. Once in Allen’s arms, she did not want to leave. We brought her home two days later, and she has been with us every since.

Cheerios this June

Cheerios June 2012

Sitting at my computer, writing, reading or too often just getting lost, a little face appears and tries to climb into my lap, ‘disturbing’ whatever it is I think I am doing. A lick on the face both brings me into the present, as well as declares her love and need for attention.

Obviously there are times I have to focus on other than Cheerios, so I close my office door. Yet she has quickly adapted to that, quietly waiting outside until I come out. And she is always happy to see me even though I locked her out. No guilt trips or sulking.

Dogs love unconditionally. Perhaps you have seen the e-mail where a 6 year old said his dog defined “unconditional love.” It went something like ‘even though I left him home alone all afternoon, he still greets me with lots of kisses.’

A person who attempts to live a more spiritual life does not need to crawl off to a cave in the mountains or desert. While retreats can be very helpful in one’s spiritual practice, it is in the everyday that our lived values are expressed. It is most useful to have someone or something in our everyday life to remind us what they are.

Do you have someone or something that helps you?

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6 Responses to Cheerios, Our Teacher

  1. 欣妤 says:

    Yes , my baby dog did too! 🙂

  2. Jim Gordon says:

    Looks like dogs, not humans, may be the pinnacle of evolution.
    Jim Gordon

  3. Shari Baron says:

    our rescued dog, our rescued cat and our wonderful grandchildren! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thank you. Such loving reminders 🙂

  5. Robert Kane says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your latest blog Dave. I’ve had my service dog Leo for 5 1/2 years now. He is the third dog I’ve had the privilege to be adopted by! We are so bonded, we could complete each other’s sentences, if only I bothered to study dogspeak. I truly believe that dogs are God’s greatest gift to humankind. I read once where someone said, “They love us unconditionally, trust us completely, and forgive us immediately.” If only humans were as evolved as canines! Yes, when the world gets to me, or I get lost on my computer (as you said), or I need to be uplifted, I just hug my dog and feel his warmth and softness. Every care in the world just melts away. He brings me back to the present and reminds me of what is the most important lesson in life – love.

  6. Lindell Bruce says:

    Cheerios looks like a wonderful dog. My dog Zoe is always in the moment and often brings me there too. She also likes to take me hiking in Glen Cayon and, on a sunny day, hightailing it (literally) to Fort Funston to visit with the ocean.

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