Love or Luv?

It is Valentines Day after all.

A friend sent an e-mail with a little story: Someone asks a young boy what is love. He replies: “Love is a puppy who licks you all over your face, even though you left him home alone all day.

Having a puppy, I know what he means. But I suspect you get this even if you don’t have one. There is something both simple and forgiving about real love. And, of course, it can become rather complicated.

If you want to explore the complications of defining love, check out Wikipedia We may explore that one day. For now, I will only touch upon two simple definitions.

I use “Luv” to mean what is sometimes called infatuation. Suddenly one is aware of a wonderful and often scary emotional eruption which causes a silly smile to come to one’s face, as one is distracted by the strongly attractive thoughts, feelings and fantasy of the person who is your luv object. “Luv” is exciting, passionate, enlivening, and usually erotic. If asked, I suggest enjoying it as long as you take precautions: No large expenditures of money, no moving in or getting married, protection if you are sexual, and don’t give up your day job. Being passionate does not mean one has to be foolish.

“Love” on the other hand, is both deeper and more inclusive. It can include “Luv,” but is more based on knowing the Other than a fantasy of the Other. This use of the word goes beyond a general caring or good will toward others, in its depth and that it is focused on a specific individual or individuals. Loving more than one person (or puppy) does not have to conflict. With “Love” my concern for the Other’s well being is as important as caring for myself.

So what touches you about “love” and or “luv” this Valentines Day?” Do you feel the “love” or “luv” of another, or toward others? While Valentines Day is a commercial event, it can be another opportunity to remind us of those we love, and a chance to express it.

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